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Socio-Economic Development

Socio-Economic Development is literally the backbone and mission of Beautifelle Skin Care. "Empowering Women through healthy vibrant skin" is not just a tagline for the company header, nor does it solely mean that the women who discover, apply and cherish our amazing products are empowered through rejuvenated skin health, which is a fact.

"Empowering women through healthy vibrant skin" refers to the economic support we provide to villages and communities that produce our key ingredients. It is predominantly women in these communities that hand craft the ingredients every step of the way - no machinery, no chemical extraction methods or sophisticated systems - just a lot of "elbow grease" and personal pride.

By partnering with these communities as a customer and vendor, we not only assure the benefit of Fair Trade and Certified Organic ingredients, but provide funding for such necessities as clean water, housing, health care and education. 


We could easily and more economically source ingredients elsewhere but then we would just be another skin care company.


It is with great pleasure that we provide our customers with the best organic skin care products and ingredients by gratefully becoming an integral member of communities abroad.


Thank you in advance for purchasing our products and becoming a supporter of Beautifelle's mission. 


Ingredient: Moringa Oleifera (Miracle Tree, Horseradish Tree, Ben Oil Tree); harvested and processed in Keumbu Village, Kenya, as well as Jamaica.




Ingredient: Shea Butter, harvested and hand processed by Baraka Shea in Northern Ghana (our Organic Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter also comes from our economic affiliation with Baraka Shea)

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