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beautifelle ™   is a homegrown company who’s grass roots started on Grand Cayman Island, BWI, in 2018. It was during this time that a dear friend introduced me to the magnificent benefits of the commonly known “Miracle Tree”, or Moringa Oleifera.

Skeptical at first, I decided to give it a whirl, starting with the powder form which is made from precisely harvested, dried, ground and stored leaves. Much to my surprise, digestive and bowel challenges that had plagued me for years rapidly decreased in frequency until completely dissolved. I was hooked! If this was just from the powder, what would the oil have in store for me?

Having battled with what my physician called “Symmetrical Eczema” on both shins and feet since childhood, I decided to undergo an experiment using only the oil applied morning and evening to the affected areas. Within a few weeks, the eczema had disappeared! How could I make this even better while maintaining the highest quality and integrity of the oil?

After decades of steroid laden ointments and some very nasty antibiotics that totally threw my overall wellbeing into a tailspin, while simultaneously removing all pigment from my skin and this was the only permanent effect, I knew I was on to something fantastic!

Upon my return to Canada, I furthered my research into this truly magnificent, 100% natural remedy and my conclusions were nothing short of astounding! What other personal skin challenges could I test?

It was at this time that I dove headfirst into the world of essential oils. Intoxicating is the only word I can use to describe my findings. With this newfound knowledge, I set out to create a magical blend of 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moringa Oil combined with Certified Organic 100% Pure Essential Oils.



·  Facial and neck wrinkles – obvious decrease in wrinkles with increased elasticity, softness, clarity and overall improved skin health.


·  Dry weathered tattoos were reborn with supple texture and rejuvenated colors ‘popped’. (Point to mention – one tattoo was 20 plus years old!)

·  Sunspots on my hands and face decreased in size while some vanished completely.

·  Stretch marks became less pronounced while some disappeared completely.

·  Facial ‘redness’ disappeared.

·  Acne disappeared completely when a combination of our “Foaming Facial Cleanser, Skin Toner and Skin Rejuvenation Therapy” were introduced into the daily routine.

·  Overall skin health became nourished, rejuvenated and soft after using our “Body Bar” followed by our "Body Butter".

·  Fingernail beds became healthy while the nail itself became ‘polished’ in appearance.

Where does the brand name and logo come from?

beautifelle  was an inspiration that ‘arrived’ during a meditative stroll along the beach at East End, Grand Cayman.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful – yes or yes? Women are not only the predominant advocate for personal beauty, but also the predominant consumer of beauty related products – true or false? “Elle”, which is French, became a natural fit, and beautifelle  was born.

“…inside and out…” best describes the miraculous benefits when our products become a regular component of your daily routine and habits. We are busy formulating ingestible, 100% natural products that will complete your personal health circle of inner health as well as outer health. From drinks to dressings, capsules to “gummy bears”, our intention is to be an integral part of your overall health.

“Out” also has another very important meaning for us – the environment. All ingredients are obtained from Certified Organic growers around the globe who also harbor a Sustainable Practices philosophy.

  Our products are:

· Perfume Free

· Paraben Free

· Preservative Free

· Gluten Free

· Free from Animal Testing

·And Vegan Friendly



              This is what brings it all together. It   

              has a threefold meaning:

  1. As an action to Be beautifelle 

  2. As a short form of beautifelle

  3. And the encompassing circle                 symbolizes “… inside and out…”


On a grander scale, we donate a percentage of our sales to the impoverished communities from which we procure our Moringa. At the top of the list is clean, safe drinking water and education to assist these communities in becoming self-sustainable and independent.


Thank you for choosing beautifelle 

Create a wonderful life!

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